How to visit Cocora Valley, Colombia (2023 Guide)

How to visit Cocora Valley, Colombia (2023 Guide)

Visiting Colombia’s one of the most famous natural parks with the tallest palm trees in the world can be a little bit tricky. Visitors have to first get to the city of Armenia (unless traveling from Medellín), which is around 50 minutes away from Salento, where the Cocora Valley is located. This guide helps you to travel to Cocora Valley comfortably!

How to get to Armenia from Bogotá

In order to get to Cocora Valley or the town of Salento (where the Cocora Valley is located), you first have to travel to Armenia (unless you’re traveling from Medellín). Most main cities in Colombia have direct buses to Armenia. If you’re in Bogotá, take the Expreso Bolivariano or Flota Magdalena bus to Armenia. The tickets can be easily purchased from Redbus. Once you have purchased the ticket, go to the right bus station (in Bogotá it is Terminal Bogota Salitre).

How to get to Armenia from Medellín

There are two bus companies going from Medellín to Armenia. You can either choose the Flota Occidental or ARAUCA. The buses from Medellín to Armenia leave from the Terminal del Sur (there are two bus stations – the Southern Terminal del Sur and the Northern Terminal del Norte). Again, purchase your tickets from Redbus.

However, there are also direct buses from Medellín to Salento. Flota Occidental has 3 routes from Medellín to Salento and costs around 73.000 COP. Tickets also available from Redbus!

How to get from Armenia to Salento

It takes only around 50 minutes to travel Armenia to Salento and the buses run every 30 minutes. Once you’re in the Armenia bus station, walk directly to the end of the bus station, where they have the mini-vans. You pay the bus driver once you have arrived. There’s usually a price list on the bus window. The journey from Armenia to Salento costs only 4,500 COP (around 1 EUR). Make sure you have small money so you can have your change back!

How to get from Salento to Cocora Valley

Cocora valley is around 7-9 km from Salento. First head to the Plaza de Bolívar. You will see taxi jeeps in front of the Calle 6. You can buy the ticket for the transportation to Salento from the counter which is located in between the jeep taxis. The price is 4.000 COP one way and you should buy two-way tickets if you intend to return to Salento on the same day. The buses run every day between 5 AM to 7 PM.

Is Cocora Valley worth it?

Cocora Valley and Salento are definitely some of the most touristy places in Colombia! It’s a must-visit for those who enjoy nature and love hiking. However, avoid visiting during rainy seasons (October, and November). Apart from nature, you may also visit the coffee farms and enjoy the small-town atmosphere of Salento, which is probably the safest place in Colombia.