How to Travel from London Bridge to Gatwick Airport Directly

How to Travel from London Bridge to Gatwick Airport Directly

Public transportation is a little bit tricky for those first time in London, and there are many ways of transportation. Many of us may wonder whether we should be traveling by train (and which train?!), underground, or the bus. However, the fastest and most convenient way to travel from London Bridge to Gatwick Airport is by taking the Thameslink train, which goes to the airport directly without you having to change trains.

Thameslink London Bridge

The location of Thameslink London Bridge is the following:

Make sure you won’t mistakenly go to the underground (metro), which is nearby as well.

Purchasing ticket

You can either purchase tickets online from the official website of Thameslink or the train station with your credit or debit card using the machine. The ticket costs around 13 £ and the trip takes around 26 min. If you purchase the ticket online, make sure to save it with the QR code as you will need to present it to the QR reader at the gate to enter and exit.

Which trains travel via Gatwick?

Gatwick is not the final destination for the Thameslink train going from London Bridge. Trains towards Brighton travel via Gatwick and this is the fastest option to reach the airport. You can always check which train travels via Gatwick from Google (picture below).

I hope this post helped you with your travels from the London Bridge area to Gatwick airport. The post was created for those who struggled like me to find the best way to travel from the airport to London Bridge and vice versa.

Featured picture by Lucas Davies on Unsplash